Overcome your Fears, Excuses, and Ignorance!


Whatever you dream of, understand that it does not gain worth until you begin it.  Make sure to “begin”, whether this means write down the vision, praying diligently and fasting, or following a set plan to allow you to reach your dreams.


Remain focused on the goals that you have set. This course that has been chosen for you, make sure to remain engaged with it.  There WILL be many distractions along the way.  Pray to recognize the difference between a distraction and a blessing. Only one will keep you on your path to greatness.


Start every moment with positive thinking, even when challenging moments occur in you life, understanding that troubles are not here to last always.  Understand that the conclusion of your destiny has already been written, now know that your attitude is your choice.


You are required to reach your dreams and goals; you MUST make it.  Someone is either depending on you or one day will be! The hard work that you start and maintain will allow you to reap the benefits later.  Who is depending on you to start and complete that dream?


Have Faith that He that started a good work in you, will perform it until the day of Christs return.  Never lose your hope or Faith in Him who set your life in motion. He is leading you to your appointed destiny. Start small if you must, but remain aware of every victory.   


Don’t be afraid to to share your story.  We all have a beginning; it’s that moment when you realize that the illusion of fears, excuses, and ignorance are no longer worth the accomplishment of your dreams that were placed in you.  When you accomplish your dreams, give thanks and tell your story!

Be  Real with You

Hold You Accountable